Dave (dakegra) wrote,


Martin Parr's supplement on Leeds in today's Guardian was interesting. I must confess that I find his work a little uninspiring, but there were some great shots in there. Sadly the supplement was only available in the Leeds area, which was an odd decision. I'd have loved to see his takes on some of the other cities in the series, but had no desire to splash out £30 on a box set of newspaper supplements. Photos don't really feel right to me on newsprint either.

There didn't seem to be the sense of place that I was hoping for though. The photos, whilst interesting, didn't shout 'LEEDS' to me in the way some from the Leeds Flickr group do.

Which prompted a thought - perhaps I should do my own photo essay of my city (despite living in Wakefield for nearly ten years, I still consider Leeds my *home* and my city, oddly enough). Show what *I* think Leeds is.

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