September 11th, 2012



Oh, Doctor Who. How I've missed you.

Asylum of the Daleks. Pretty good, very stylish, witty banter. Plot holes the size of... something pretty big, but fun. Nice twist, didn't see that coming, etc.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. That was distinctly... average. Though Rupert Graves. Yay. Quite why the Doctor suddenly has/needs a posse though?

Do *you* know where your towel trowel is?


also (look, I've not posted for ages. It's the first time I've turned the home PC on in about a week, I'm catching up) Scouts was fun tonight.

We played various games, and split into four teams, each with a designated leader/adult.

No, I'm not a scout leader. Just helping out. They've not got a neckerchief on me... yet.

Anyhoo, it was quite nice and morale boosting to have several of the teams demanding (at quite some volume) to have me as their designated helper. :-)

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it's a bit quiet around here, innit?


random things:
I won a stool from a Twitter competition. It's really rather lovely and custom made by some lovely people in Devon. Advantage to winning a stool? You're guaranteed a seat on the packed train home.

I made biscotti. They were nice.

I also won yet another book in a twitter competition. Twitter keeps me amused in reading matter. This competition involved saying 'yes' in the most original language. I went with 'whey aye man' (Geordie) on the basis that everyone else would go Klingon/elvish etc.

Allotment is coming along well now the incessant bloody rain has stopped.

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As of five minutes ago, I have been tweeted at by both Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

though Neil's tweet was months ago.

Still counts.

Where *is* everyone?