August 14th, 2012


Crikey, lj is quiet these days. Can't work out if I'm just used to the fire hose of life that is twitter or what. </p>




Rather than do a blow-by-blow account of our adventure to northern France, some thoughts.

1. the swimming pool was 'heated'. By what, I'm not sure. Perhaps the sun?
2. The Bayeux Tapestry is not, in fact, a tapestry. It is utterly brilliant.
3. The French are exceedingly good at biscuity snacky things.
4. Normandy is 'very French', according to K.
5. I had to use 'je ne comprends pas' once in the entire week we were away, trying to explain to the non-english speaking maintenance dude that our gas hob was kaput. My last french lesson at school was in 1984. I reckon I did ok.
6. Framboise ice-cream is utterly delicious.

and other stuff. Ate lots, saw lots of things, took lots of photos.

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