August 10th, 2012


Cor. Olympics, eh?


Am addicted to all manner of sports now. Sad to have missed a lot of the cycling what with being in France, but caught Hoy, Pendleton and Trott doing grand things on two wheels.


Have now also had to explain at least a dozen times why team GB lost the cycling road race!


Um... Yes. Usain Bolt! Awesome. The 800m world record? Awesomer. Yorkshire beating the Aussies in the medal table? Hilarious.


Right,  off to find Adams' golden postbox.


I leave you with this thought. Jade Jones, taekwondo gold medalist, and Kaylee from Firefly. Never seen them in the same room.


I have about a thousand posts in my head queueing up on stuff I've done, thought about or planned to do. </p>

You have been warned.

Also have about a thousand photos from France.