July 22nd, 2012


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Mr Bradley 'Wiggo' Wiggins has just won the Tour de France, the first brit ever to have done so in the race's 100+ year history.

And his team also contains Mark 'Cav' Cavendish, aka the Manx Missile, the best sprinter in the world, bar none.

Typically the maillot jaune (the yellow jersey) will take the final day as a formality, trundling round with the rest of the cyclists. But this year, Wiggo promised Cav that his team would deliver him to the finish in style. Which is why, with 1km to go, you have the race leader at the front of the bike race, pedalling his bloody heart out to make sure his team-mate is in the right position to win the stage.


Cavendish did not fail to deliver. He's unbeaten on the Champs Elysee,

When Cav gets going, it's like the others have stopped. He's that fast.

Watch from about 16 seconds in. They're travelling at an enormous rate. Then Cav just breezes past.

We've had a Brit finish first in le Tour, with his team-mate Froomey second, a fellow brit. And Cav, another brit, winning the most important stage in the race.

End result: us brits are AWESOME at cycling. We kicked ass, and dominated the race.