April 25th, 2012


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that moment when you click on 'post', go do something else, then come back to the tab with the 'post an entry' displayed with a large white empty box underneath.


Got an email about the olympic footie Ed and I would have seen at St James' Park. Matches are Japan v. Morocco and Spain v. Honduras. Shame we'll be in France. Oh well.

Oh, and I'm semi-seriously considering picking up one of these:

to take with me on the 100km bike ride around london in June. I have no intention of lugging my D50 around with me, and don't want to risk K's little Panasonic travel zoom. This looks reasonable, is small, cheap and light. Bung it on a gorillapod for longish exposures, should do the job. Plus I've got a tenner off at PC World, so it's only £40.

If only I had £40. Need to use the voucher by the start of May. Payday this weekend, forfeit morning/lunch coffees for the month. Do-able.

Other than that, not much is new. Anything new in your world?

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I appear to have joined the ranks of Canon owners - picked up the Powershot AS1200 for £40 in PC World (ok, it was 50, but I had a ten quid voucher). Didn't want to take my D50 with me on the ride (obviously), and wasn't sure I wanted to risk taking K's little Panasonic in case it got lost/drenched/broken.

I figured this one is small & light enough to slip in a pocket, and cheap enough so that if it something horrible befalls it, I won't be too stressed. Plus it'll be good for taking on scout camps or down the beach. Pretty impressed so far, got a good range of options including a long exposure mode which, coupled with a gorillapod, should get some decent pics at the rest stops!

Obligatory eyeball shot.