April 17th, 2012


cycling, blood and an Observation from The Bean

cycled 25-and-a-bit miles yesterday in training for my 100km bike ride around London in June.

Legs. Ache.

Also sustained my first cycling-related injury in years.

The bike in question was stationary. And upside down. I was adjusting the front brake.

Kids, never ever attempt to stop a spinning bike wheel by putting your hand on the rotating disk brake.




ok, it was a small cut, but it fairly neatly sliced the tip of my finger open.

Those things are *sharp*.

I pointed this out to Edward Q. Bean, and said it was an Important Lesson, and that it was lucky it happened to me and not him.

He gave me a Look, as only EB can.

"Well, who would be stupid enough to do that?"

Well put, EB.