January 2nd, 2012


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Still aren't dead. Or king.

Note to Self: Become king.
Further Note to Self: Continue not being dead.

Resolutions for 2012. In no particular order:

Go out for coffee with my friends more
'nuff said. Drank a lot of coffee in 2011, entirely too much of it without the aforementioned friends. If you're in Leeds or passing through, give me a shout and we'll do coffee.

Read more books
Though I did read quite a lot in 2011 thanks to my Kindle. Clever things, Kindles.

Write more
After the success of NaNoWriMo last year, I'm keen to crack on with more stories

Do more juggling stuff
a. Locate unicycle
b. get my 3-club juggling into some kind of stable pattern
c. teach a bunch of scouts how to juggle. Long(ish) story.

Umm. Post on LJ more often.

So! 2011. Done. 2012. To Do. How's tricks?