November 21st, 2011


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Bought myself a new coat today. My old one, a Sprayway waterproof shell, had started falling apart and looking really tatty, so I had a mooch into town and was seduced by Blacks' 25% off sale.

I'd been looking at some Helly Hansen stuff on the website, but when I tried one on it was a terrible fit. Arms too long.

So I ended up with a Berghaus Arctic Gemini 3-in-1, which the nice chap in the shop assured me was three times more waterproof than some of the others I was looking at, and with 25% off came to just a little more than I'd been intending to spend. Plus it's a bit longer, so it'll keep my butt warm and dry.

So now we'll have a dry, mild winter, of course. :-)