November 6th, 2011


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#nanowrimo wordcount: 8500
#nanowrimo target for day 5: 8335

I'm AHEAD! only just, but I'm ahead!


Plus I realised that I need half a dozen new characters so I can get Alice (psycho ship AI) to bump them off. And they've all turned up!

Thought I've discovered that I hate writing character intros. Must work on that, so it's not all 'The man was tall and well-built and his name was Steve and he had short hair and stuff.'

Yeah, it sucks. But it's NaNo. It's a first draft.

Steve's days are numbered anyway. Why yes, he *is* wearing a red shirt.

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well, that was unexpected. An entire flashback scene just fell out of my head into my story.

#nanowrimo wordcount: 10,020

Holy moly. Ten THOUSAND words. Of one story. I've never written that much before. Sure, Monty has about 30k knocking around, but that's ten years' work and comprising nothing longer than about 1500 words.

Now I just need to get Commander Jimmy Ortega back into the present so he can deal with these pesky mercenaries.

AI status: Still behaving normally. She's going to have to start bumping people off soon. I am totally digging this. Woo!