June 8th, 2011


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have a look at the sign-up process for www.boden.co.uk (sign in/register, top right, then click on create account)

Best drop down list ever for the 'title' field, ever.

I promptly signed up as Wing Commander, though it was a close call between that and Squadron Leader.

Probably says quite a lot about Boden's target market...

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Shiny new bike is shiny:

Needs a name though. Very sleek, elegant, curvy yet strong.

And, as you asked nicely, the amusing[1] story.

I'd picked the Beans up from school, and was my usual ridiculously excited self at the prospect of teh newShiny, so asked if they'd mind popping out to Halfords to get my new bike.

Nah, said EB. I'm tired.

LB was up for it, but EB wouldn't budge on the issue. Too tired.

So, I resorted to whining and whingeing[3]. Oh go on I whined. It won't take long. Oh, pleeeeeeease

EB gave me a Look, of Molly-esque proportions[4]

Dad, whinging only works for us because you're soft. And I'm not. We're not going.

BOOYAH. EB: 1, YT: 0

Feel free to indicate how amusing[731] you find this in the comments below. Along with a good name for my shiny new bike.

*licks bike*

[1] to me, anyway[2]
[2] YMMV
[3] whingeing or whinging? Neither look right to me.
[4] regular readers will know what I mean. Irregular readers really ought to keep up
[731]or not