June 2nd, 2011


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shopping today. I love shopping.

Bought myself a new t-shirt in Gap's sale, and pondered long and hard over their vintage chinos. I need a new pair of casual-ish troos, and these may just be they.

The vintage khaki

Not sure about the colour though. Chino Acorn, or Chino Bench?

Also, hats. I quite fancy a new hat. I've got a perfectly good Tilley hat which is lovely and perfectly good for lounging around on the beach, or when out for the day doing Exploring Things, but a bit much when popping down to get a coffee when it's a bit sunny. So, I was pondering either a flat cap (all the rage, it seems) or a baseball cap

Like this one: from O'Neill

Not sure if baseball caps are really me though. I've had a trucker-style cap many years ago and just looked daft, but I quite like the low-slungness of this one. And it fits, which is a major bonus, as I have a v.large head.

Other option seems to be a straw trilby. Just... no.

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I'm doing a writing challenge, courtesy of bloodlossgirl which involves a YA tale.

So I've gone for a Monty origins story - decamped from his high school when his parents died, he's put into a very posh boarding school where his grandmother works.

Except his grandmother has a shady past as a cat burglar, and might not be at the school for entirely scholarly reasons.

Our Monty must face up to being out of his comfort zone, discover the secrets at the school, and perhaps make a few life-long friends in the process.

Ths school is, of course, a grand, rambling affair with numerous corridors and secret passageways, with a library full of secrets and other... stuff going on.

Which I'll think up soon, honest.

The aim is to have a good-sized piece of work by the end of August. I'm aiming for 5,000 words a week which I think comes to about 70,000 words. Ish.

Grand total so far: 641. :-)