April 26th, 2011



Despite telling myself that I wasn't going to buy any more books for a while, I happened across a tweet this morning about a book called The Good Thief's Guide to Venice, by Chris Ewan

A minor incidence of Googling later, and a surreptitious click on the 'send free sample' button on the Kindle page, and I'm reading his first book, The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam.

Dammit, it's good. Twenty minutes later I have the full version of his book on my Kindle.

Basic premise is that he's a crime writer who is also a burglar-for-hire


Go and check it out. Great fun, and given me some ideas for Monty. Pondering a first-person perspective...

Moleskine Migrations

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. The Migrating Moleskine has been back on these shores, up in glorious Scotland with primitivepeople and it's time to move it along

Wonder where it'll go next?

I'll pester for addresses soon...


Moleskine bookmark

So far, it's been to:

miss_next [UK], caitirin [US], elaby [US], kniblet [US], dibsy [US], freyjakj [US], oed1 [US], hellziggy [US], hellbob [US], _generica_ [UK], rob_the_tyke [UK], sloopjonb [UK], guest writer, not on original list!), redatt [UK], isihac [UK], dave_t_lurker [UK], mazzie [US], corivax [US], passaddhi [US], chebutykin.

It set off in April 2006. When will it return home?



You can still add your name to the list of who would like to see it next. If you would like to see the Moleskine at some point, leave a comment to this entry. If you no longer want to be on the list, that's absolutely fine too, just let me know and I'll remove your name. I know LJ has gone quiet for some people - I may review the list and ask people to re-sign up at some point.

The list of people yet to receive it:

alicephilippa [UK], novawildstar [UK], gioiaverdi [NZ], pteppic [UK], bloodlossgirl [US],nextian [US], adrith [US], pickwick, roobarb [UK], perdita_x [UK], genevra [US], pendlemac [UK], tiggsybabes [UK], ayoub [UK], anonymous_greg [US], lexinatrix [US], alibee [US], magda_vogelsang [US], quaero_verum [US], erikaerin [US], maviscruet [UK], sessifet25 [UK], chiller, fragglechick

You can track the Moleskine here: