April 4th, 2011


cunning plans

Inspired by a tweet from the gone-from-LJ-but-still-on-Twitter Ms Alex, I've been pondering the idea of the square mile.

The idea is that you take a map, stick a pin in it where you live, and work out a square mile with you in the centre.

Oh, Alex explains it better than I can

Anyhoo. I got to thinking. It shouldn't be that hard to set up a web thingy where you put in your postcode and get google maps to display a square mile around a point, surely.

Then you could do overlays with interesting things in that square mile - shops, museums, restaurants, interesting places etc.

I even looked for a domain, but annoyingly mysquaremile.com is
a. already taken, and
b. not being used.


I may tinker with the idea some more. But knowing me, probably forget about it almost immediately.

Oooh, juggling balls. I need some new juggling balls

*goes off to order juggling balls*

(no subject)

ok, working out my square mile was waaaay easier in Google Earth.

My work one seems HUGE compared with my home square mile, but it just contains tons more streets.

Home, however, contains Sandal Castle, some of Pugney's reservoir, part of Manygates Park (containing a memorial to Richard of York and the Battle of Wakefield. You can see remains of the strip farming system in the park too.

on the northern edge you *just* get Sandal & Agbrigg station in. Hoorah!

work-wise, we go from the Parkinson Steps in the NW corner, Whitehall Road and the new-ish building and bridge over the Aire in the SW, across to Crown Point bridge and the Etap hotel in the SE (taking in the Calls and Bottega (espresso, hurrah!), up past the West Yorkshire Playhouse (the line goes up in front of Quarry House) up to Sheepscar Interchange in the NE corner.

Lots to do and see!