March 17th, 2011


new specs

Chose my new specs, finally.

I'm a lot less blurry in real life, honest.

Tried the Quiksilver ones on again, and whilst I did like them, I couldn't find another pair that really grabbed me - the Jasper Conran ones were just a bit *too* straight across the top when you looked at them straight on. Plus it turned out the anti-reflective coating would be an extra £30 per pair, taking the price up to £190.

So, I went for these in Boots:

and (after considerable faffing), these:

Second pair are ok, but I love the first. Plus these were in the £79 range, with a free extra pair. Had to pay an extra £20 per pair for the anti-reflective coating, but it came in at £119 altogether.

I get them in about 2 weeks. Expect better photos then. :-)

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this is rather nice
Black Braided Leather Double Wrap Bracelet with by BornInBrooklyn

I wonder how hard it'd be to make one. Used to wear leather stuff like that a lot at one point. Or am I too old for that malarkey now...