February 23rd, 2011


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oh, FFS. After spending a fair amount of time fixing other people's computers, it seems that mine has come down with something.

One of those irritating ZOMG! YOU HAS VIRUS! warnings (in slightly less hysterical tones), which kindly offers to launch a scan of your system and fix it, oh but that'll be $29.99, thanks

F&ck off. Now I have to spend my evening sorting it out rather than do something useful.

Though I did get to play some Final Fantasy XIII while various scans run. I traded in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (getting a bit samey) whilst it's still relatively new, and got FF:XIII and Racedriver GRID for the trade-in value.

I loves me some racing games, I does. And FF games. Full of characters with silly names, outrageous hair and bonkers clothing. Marvellous.