February 14th, 2011


on writing

It struck me on the way home that our hero Monty works best in my head when he's got someone to banter with, tossing back and forth sarcastic/witty remarks. Molly is the perfect foil for this, as the level-headed straight[1] man girl in the relationship. Same with Cai[2], and more recently, Lavender Tolly[3]

It made me wonder, what would happen if he found himself alone on a job, cut off from his high-tech guru of gadgetry?

It also struck me that *I* work best when I've got someone to banter with.

Which is where you lot come in.[4]

[1] erm...
[2] *waves at caitirin
[3] *waves at boliviafang
[4] *waves at you lot*

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this, folks, is why I love Umphrey's McGee

long, long tunes where they're just jammin' away...

That, plus they make *all* their live shows available via The Interwebs for a reasonable price, in FLAC. Picked up a show from their recent tour at Puerto Morelos, Mexico for $12.95 for a 2 hour 20 minute gig.