January 13th, 2011


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Also, as those following me on Twitter may have spotted, it's my birthday!

I have to say, being 40 is rather fun. People give you stuff, and are nice to you. Long may it last.

The birthday fairy brought me a lovely shiny Kindle! *bounces* And a leather cover, in almost oxblood-DM red.

*strokes Kindle*

Plus some actual books - thanks to the lovely huskyteer for the copy of Howl's Moving Castle! I've heard that it's different/better than the anime, which we all adore. Looking forward to reading that one.

And some cash from K's parents, so the aforementioned oxblood-red DMs are a distinct possiblity.

I bought myself a present too - This t-shirt, which is made of AWESOME and WIN in equal measure.

Right, I'm off to eat cake. mmm, cake.


I'm looking for suggestions for a name for my Kindle. Currently it just shows up on my Amazon account as "Dave's Kindle", which whilst technically accurate, is slightly dull.

Suggestions (via Twitter) so far:


I like them all - I'm thinking along the lines of famous/fictional librarians, or book-related things.

Any other suggestions?