December 13th, 2010


From Twitter 12-12-2010

  • 09:22:39: Power came back on at 2.15am, along with all the lights and the burglar alarm!
  • 11:46:15: RT @HokusBloke: RT @Big_Jim: RT @mikeyvailo: "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game" has been announced. oh wow :')
  • 12:52:53: Decorating the Christmas tree today, which means it's time for @anonymoi's awesome Christmas mix cd. Hoorah!
  • 13:01:12: @NovaWildstar not sure, will check later
  • 13:04:48: @NovaWildstar yes, I am. Wasn't sure if the nova one was new
  • 13:09:34: Cooking sausages and thinking about coffee.
  • 13:30:58: Question for coffee gurus: my espresso crema is a bit feeble and disappears quickly. Any ideas?
  • 13:34:41: @NigelHeath that's a classic. Excellent choice
  • 13:51:54: @johnzo_33 ground coffee, prob a bit past it
  • 13:53:09: Crisis! Unable to locate @anonymoi Christmas cd. Luckily I have copy on pc, now on ipod playing in lounge
  • 13:58:53: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Japanese transistor radio. It's a Nakashuma
  • 14:10:25: @LeCafeShop its a delonghi, ground beans, probably too old
  • 16:57:41: @LeCafeShop yes, well Wakefield. Work in Leeds though
  • 17:36:37: I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. #xmastunes
  • 20:02:47: @LeCafeShop will add a burr grinder to my christmas list. thanks!

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