December 11th, 2010


From Twitter 12-10-2010

  • 08:07:50: @beecee boo! Short week though, I suppose
  • 08:13:57: And this morning's train is only a 2 carriage one. And it's full already. Standing it is
  • 19:16:24: Can't get over how much ice has melted since this morning in WF2
  • 21:02:36: called into @bottegamilanese at lunchtime for coffee beans. Out of beans, had consolatory double espresso. Well worth the walk. :-)
  • 21:03:33: @richardflick @ErikKerstenbeck cheers for the #ff, guys :-)
  • 21:05:38: @_jonb @bottegamilanese sell ground coffee too... (I should be on commission!)
  • 21:14:11: Hilary Benn turned up at work today in our department. Not something you see every day. Seemed like a nice chap.
  • 21:18:59: RT @Photojojo: An in-depth starter to shooting star trails. Hope we have clear skies soon!
  • 23:18:31: @BottegaMilanese yes please, 1kg of your finest beans! Not sure I can wait 7 days before a visit though. :-D

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