December 6th, 2010


From Twitter 12-05-2010

  • 10:37:49: Washing machine incontinent, so turned water off to it. Forgot that also supplies dishwasher. Need to do some plumbing!
  • 14:02:59: @meldh definitely pipe had corroded, fixed now
  • 14:04:09: Fixed plumbing, washing machine and dishwasher now working again! I need tea.
  • 20:55:26: trying to sort me mp3 collection out, it's in a right mess. Seem to have Porcupine Tree albums all over the place.
  • 21:28:15: actually looking forward to going into work tomorrow. This is a novel feeling.
  • 21:37:26: backing up my Dresden Files dvds - they appear to be borked and won't play in my dvd player. Hopefully they'll play on the PC...
  • 21:50:38: @ciciaye different, certainly good fun.
  • 22:07:57: @ciciaye Give them a go - they're pretty good.
  • 22:23:44: @ciciaye and Bob's supposed to be a skull. It works though.
  • 23:20:35: @boliviafang definitely

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