December 5th, 2010


on writing

Well, November is over. My annual attempt at NaNoWriMo tanked, again.

I don't know why I'm surprised - I've tried for several years now, and never really got beyond the first week.

Things I've learned:
1. I'm terrible at plot. My characters will wander around talking to each other a lot, but in terms of actual start > middle > end, I suck.
2. My characters talk a lot. Regular readers of the Monty/Molly stuff I'm fond of will most likely nod and say yes, we know.
3. I really *really* like writing Monty and Molly stuff. Those two crack me up.
4. I have what I think are really cool ideas for NaNoWriMo in early October, which then promptly fizzle out come November.

I suspect that I'd do better with some kind of plot outline - I really miss the days when I bounced ideas off the little writers' group we had going. Lunch and talks about stories and character really did feed the imagination. I also should really just sit down and write stuff when I get the ideas, not leave them until November the 1st. Ideas, for me, are best when sparkly and fresh, and I've not had a chance to sit and ponder on them and decide they're actually rubbish.

I'm also terrible at foreshadowing - in the NaNo this year I had an idea that the main character would start noticing odd goings-on, and the fact that the staff all wore these multi-coloured bracelets, which gave them access to different levels of the library, but it always just felt like me shouting LOOK! THIS IS GOING TO BE IMPORTANT! a lot.

Ho hum. Perhaps I should stick to Monty/Molly snippets.