November 30th, 2010


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eye, originally uploaded by dakegra.

trying out our new camera (christmas present, but hey, you need to test these things, right?)

It's a Panasonic TZ10, for those wondering.


American Football

I've no idea who this guy is, only that he appears to be very, very good at what he does.

I remember watching american football with my dad back in the eighties - Channel 4 did a weekly (iirc) programme covering the goings on in the NFL. We followed the Redskins, the Cowboys, the Raiders, the Dolpins, all these cool-sounding teams with armoured giants clashing against each other.

I remember the time that quarterback got tackled so hard his knee went completely the wrong way. I remember The Refrigerator, who was built like a, well, refridgerator.

Happy days. I wish our TV showed more american football. I'd love to go see a game sometime. Maybe some of my Minneapolis Posse will take me one day?