November 29th, 2010


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Right, that was a busy morning. Beans off to school, protesting at the inhumanity of being forced in when there was a whole half-inch of snow on the ground, and why wasn't the school closed, woe, angst etc.

Then into Leeds to sort out my pre-job ID check thing - the woman I needed to speak to was in a meeting, so another very nice lady took copies of my stuff and promised to sort them out for me.

I wandered over to the German Market for a bit, forgetting how... small it is. And whilst the german sausage I had was jolly tasty, I'm not sure it was worth three quid. Oh well.

Then it was down to La Bottega Milanese in the Calls for an espresso.

Possibly the best espresso I've ever had. Beautifully balanced, chock full of flavour and perfectly roasted. mmm. And they gave you a shot glass of water to go with it.

It was so good, I tried their cappucino too - a shot of espresso, dusted with chocolate, *then* the foamed milk on top. Sublime. And very reasonably priced too. The guy behind the counter was very friendly and helpful, and happy to chat whilst he got on with his work. If you're nearby (or even if you're not), you should give it a try.

Then it was up to Muji for some christmas present shopping, then back home. Got some cleaning to do now before I pick EB up from school.

One more day off, then I start work!

google maps japery

There's an old thing going around on google maps - get directions from China to Japan, and check out instruction #42

So I thought I'd try some others

Google 'New York to Japan', instructions #31 and #46. Amused by the bit in the middle which takes you across Honolulu. Not only that, but it takes you across the entire island. Why not just kayak past it?

So, dear reader. The ball (or map) is in your court. Which other amusing instructions can you find?