November 28th, 2010


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Getting a bit nervous about starting $newJob on wednesday.

I suppose it's only normal. On a positive note, it can't be as pressurised as the last place, which was just silly. Oh, and I had an email from one of the three remaining PMs there to say that he'd handed his notice in too, which has effectively cut the PMO in half.

I wonder if they'll start taking notice? Probably not.

Anyhoo, tomorrow I must go into Leeds to sort out some pre-job stuff - taking in my passport to prove that I am who I say I am, then off to Muji to stock up on pens, and La Bottega Milanese to try out their espresso.

I'm still nervous. Probably will be until I get through wednesday.


It must be love.

Exhibit #1: After spending the entire day not wanting to go outside in the snow (what little we have of it), LB announced at about 5pm that she *really* wanted to go outside and play. So, we find ourselves outside, in the dark, playing in the snow. Did I mention how cold it was?

Exhibit #2: After playing down at his friends' house (yes, punctuation pedants, there were two friends who live at the same house) EB turned up in time for a quick bit of Xbox. Then he realised that his toy skeleton (don't ask, he's a nine year-old boy) was no longer in his pocket, and therefore he had dropped it on the way up the street. So, I find myself walking down the street, in the dark, and the cold, looking for a toy skeleton. Which is, naturally white. Much like the half inch of snow on the street. EB said that he'd ridden his scooter back up the road, so I followed the tracks, checking for the missing toy. Got home, no luck.

Did you check the pavement? EB asks. No, I followed your scooter wheel tracks, says I. But, X rode the scooter most of the way up! EB protests.