November 20th, 2010


From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 09:56:10: Last Friday in the office, being a productivity ninja this morning. We're cooking with gas.
  • 09:59:12: @BottegaMilanese I can't wait until I'm working in Leeds again so I can try it
  • 11:33:01: @nickp_uk looking forward to seeing some of them - putting up online?
  • 13:12:31: Halfway through penultimate day at work. I think this calls for a nice hot cup of tea
  • 15:15:42: @peerlawther looking forward to starting work at cccs in Dec, believe you're there now?
  • 16:04:56: Pondering what to do with my week off next week.
  • 16:14:22: @peerlawther excellent, can't wait to get started. :-)
  • 17:45:51: @jonrshaw seems to have been the,week for dental work amongst my friends
  • 17:46:51: @lexinatrix awesome!
  • 21:46:58: Can't decide if it's worth sticking with The Event. Which suggests it's not. #predictable
  • 21:51:53: @theWriteRach stuff is just telegraphed out so blatantly
  • 22:11:33: @theWriteRach indeed. I seem to have missed a week (or two). But it's all people standing around emoting a lot, in a very predictable way.
  • 22:11:50: @anonymoi *nods* are you ahead of us in the running order?
  • 22:12:23: @SGiangregorio yeah, I missed last week, possibly the week before too.
  • 22:29:13: RT @chrisdclegg: Ok.... here we go... for everyone who retweets this tonight I PROMISE to donate 50p to Children In Need... (this could ...
  • 22:56:09: @tdobson birth certificate?
  • 23:05:12: @anonymoi not entirely sure myself. A building blew up in this one.

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