October 31st, 2010


(no subject)

Halloween party at our neighbours last night. Cider happened. LB zonked out at about half nine in my arms (we were sat outside as the weather was so mild. EB was still bouncing around in a sugar-induced high at midnight!

ZombieEB on a sugar high is quite a sight, I can assure you.

Anyhoo, we got onto the subject of music and we ended up arguing discussing the relative merits of punk vs prog, which was highly entertaining.

Ada and I agreed to swap some stuff last night, but this morning neither of us can remember what they were - we suspect it was a Windows XP disc from me and some Bowie CDs from him, but neither of us are entirely clear on the matter.

Great fun. Usually we have to duck out by about 8ish to put the kids to bed, but this time we just went with it.

Ooh! Just remembered what one of the things is - Ada offered to lend me his ukulele!