October 10th, 2010


weekend update

Back from London.

Short version: K's sister got married, grand time had by all.

Longer version: we stayed with K's brother and his wife and their two boys (both of who adore EB and follow him round doing the whole hero worship thing). Got down there Friday tea-time, chilled out.

Saturday saw myself and James (K's bro) at the hall where Em was getting married to set up tables, chairs, sound system, etc. Back to James's house to get changed, back to Dulwich for the wedding. Tons of people there, had a great time. The disco was a bit... underpopulated, so LB and myself busted some funky moves, threw out a few shapes and bopped away for an hour. A load of people had brought their kids, so left early.

LB literally fell asleep *on* the dancefloor.

We had to stay until the end to help clear up - the poor disco guys were playing tunes as we were clearing up chairs and tables. We got out of there at about half eleven last night, back to James & Ruth's (Ruth had taken the boys home earlier as they had just crashed at about nine). James and I had a beer that we hadn't had earlier due to being on driving duty and crashed out at about 1am.

Up this morning for lunch with K's family - again various people had bailed out, so it ended up with us four, James, Ruth & the boys, and K's parents. We went to a great pub in Dulwich on Lordship Lane (London has some *brilliant* street names), called The Bishop, where we had some seriously nice food and one of the best coffees I've had in a *long* time.

set off back home at about three, got home just before nine. Uploading photos from the camera now...

So, how was your weekend?