October 3rd, 2010


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Today we made marrow & ginger jam.

Mainly because we were given a HUGE marrow from our allotment neighbours, which has lived in our fridge for a week taking up an entire shelf. I may well have posted a photo previously. If not, I've got a photo somewhere... It was 22" long and weighed the same as a small child.

Speaking of which, our friends M & N's daughter L adores courgettes, so we picked the last of our crop - beautiful small yellow courgettes, and gave them to her. She was delighted. I then said, oh, I think there's one more in the fridge, go and get it...

The look on her face was priceless.

Marrow & ginger jam, I am glad to report, is utterly fabulous, and entirely better than one would expect it to be.