September 30th, 2010


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ok, I'm now seriously bored of being ill. The cold has gone, and has left behind a dull sinus pain, feels blocked, claggy nose. The effect on my ears comes and goes - suddenly one will go 'pop' and I'll get full hearing back, otherwise it's all just a bit muffled.

Need a decent night's sleep, and an early night!

Law & Order: UK

just watched an episode. Cor, Bradley Walsh is a pretty good actor. Who knew?

and Jamie Bamber with a British accent is just... wrong. It'll take some getting over how good he was in Battlestar Galactica.

The whole thing didn't feel quite as polished as the US version though. It was fine, perfectly serviceable tv, but... not as good.

I wonder what our american chums make of Law & Order: UK, if it's even shown over there.

scanning advice

one of K's relatives has dug out a bunch of old photos of K's dad's parents, grandparents and assorted relatives, and has asked me to scan them in for K's dad so he can have digital copies of them.

I've dug out my (very) old scanner (A visioneer 4400, it seems) which it took me a while to sort out, but I found the original CD (me = digital packrat) and got it up and working.

I've done a couple at 600dpi full colour, which seems to give a decent result, output as .TIF files then opened them in Gimp to play around with the balance and settings. TIF files are huuuuuge though.

Some day someone is going to have to explain levels and thresholds in Gimp/photoshop.

Advice please - should I scan them in greyscale (given they're all black & white/sepia), or go for the full colour?