August 19th, 2010



shadowdaddy pointed out yesterday that instead of putting the various websites on my Moo cards, I could just put:

Google: dakegra

As page 1 throws up, flickr, twitter and pretty much everything I'd want.


of course, if I was really smart, I'd work out how to put a QR code on it...

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interesting - comparison of the Kindle screen vs the iPad screen under a microcope

Still loving the kindle app for my phone - I can take my books (all three of them) anywhere and if I have a spare couple of minutes, I can catch up on some reading. I like that it synchs back to my PC over the aether, and that amazon will happily send you sample chapters of books for free.

Currently reading 'The City and The City', by China Mieville. Annoyingly the free sample finished just as it was getting interesting, which I guess is the point.

Still think ebooks should be significantly cheaper than actual paper, rather than just a bit cheaper.


Choosing a selection of photos for my new Moo cards

Toying with what to put on the back as contact details. Name, email, blog…

or, as someone suggested, just put google: dakegra

I seem to have page #1 sewn up. :-)

1. Press, 2. tile detail, 3. curves, 4. Cyberman, 5. DSC_7898, 6. bell, 7. on the tiles, 8. leaf, 9. 42, 10. day 15 20SEP2009, 11. day13 18SEP2009, 12. sunflower, 13. Press, 14. let’s go fly a kite, 15. curves, 16. DSC_2605, 17. donated, 18. sunflower, 19. cupcakes, 20. NO, 21. SIX, 22. lines, 23. diabolo rising, 24. St Pancras column detail, 25. wish upon a star…

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Dear BBC

Many thanks for your email asking if I had missed '101 Dalmations'. I think you'll find that the correct spelling for a spotty dog is actually 'Dalmatian'.

love, spots and kisses