August 16th, 2010



Photocamp 2010 is fast approaching (weekend of 16th/17th October) - time to order a fresh set of Moo cards.

Hmm. Regular skinny cards or business size? I like the distintiveness of the original skinny card, but it's easier to get an image which works as a regular size business card.

Time to choose some new images for them too - some I've had in the past have worked well, and others (mainly the ones I've got left!), not so much.

Wonder when tickets for Photocamp are available? The website doesn't seem to say, and I hope I haven't missed it...

photo geekery

I've just ordered an lens adapter (M42-Nikon fit) for my D50, as I want to get a Helios 44m lens (don't ask, it's a long story. see previous post)

It'll only work in manual mode, but that's no biggy. Fun! Nearly got a Zenit film camera instead as that had the Helios lens on it, but decided that I *really* just want the lens.