August 2nd, 2010



Remember the post about the missing pencils last week?

Well, the lovely folks at @presentcorrect on twitter have sent me some replacements - a selection of half a dozen vintage pencils from their collection, beautifully wrapped in an old piece of lined notebook paper, with a nice note inside.

I'm quite giddy at how fabulous they are. One is even an old Dixon Ticonderoga to replace the dozen new ones which went missing!

You should all rush over to Present & Correct at once and have a browse through their wonderful collection of vintage stuff.

Lawks, I do love stationery. I should take photos, yes?

android update

my HTC Hero finally has the Android 2.1 update.

Holy moley, but it's good. The phone feels nice and zippy, and there are some UI enhancements which are nice.

But it's the apps that I was interested in. Kindle for Android, Google Maps, Google Goggles, etc.

Google Goggles is astonishing. Take a photo of a dvd, and it scans it, recognises what it is, and offers you shopping, imdb or the wikipedia page for the film.

Like... whoa.

google maps also now has turn-by-turn navigation! woo! free satnav!