July 25th, 2010



BBC's new Sherlock: Double thumbs-up.

echoes of Who, The Princess Bride and various other beats. Benedict Cumberbatch was wonderful as The Doctor Sherlock, Martin Freeman was jolly splendid as Watson and Phil Davis was, well, Phil Davis.

Which is no bad thing.

one question though. Why is it not repeated? Who is repeated eleventy billion times a week on BBC3, but Sherlock manages a repeat tomorrow on the BBC HD channel.

Yes, there's iPlayer, and I watched the last half hour on that, but I missed bits of the start due to various things then got booted off the big telly as K wanted to watch something else.

elaby (and caitirin, along with any of my non-UK f'list) - if you can find a way of watching it online, I'd highly recommend it.