May 16th, 2010


movies of 2010

An Education

Quite enjoyed it, despite spending much of the film wondering where I'd seen the lead character before. Turns out she's Carey Mulligan, who played Sally Sparrow in Blink. Also features the lovely Olivia Williams, who played Adele DeWitt in Dollhouse.

The story is a coming-of-age tale set in the sixties, where rougeish rouge David (Peter Sarsgaard) picks up 16-year old Jenny (the aforementioned Carey Mulligan). Slightly uncomfortable with the setup, it turned out to be an interesting story, well played by the leads. Not one I'd particularly watch again, but a pleasant enough way to spend a saturday evening in.

(no subject)

EB had his birthday sleepover last night. All good fun, not a lot of sleep happened.

At one point, EB turned up bearing my juggling clubs, saying one of his friends wanted to see me juggle.

Ah, crap.

Could I juggle some balls for him, perhaps?

No. Clubs. Please.

It's been a *long* time since I last tried juggling clubs. No pressure then. Completely failed. Managed to recover some cool points by doing a fair 3-ball routine afterwards, but the moment had passed.

Now, of course, I need to devote serious time to re-learning the skill. You know, for the next time I get asked.

I was helping pack up stuff in the garden later on and I was doing the 'balance an upturned broom on your finger' thing and one of EB's mates asked if I was 'some kind of circus man'