April 18th, 2010


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The Migrating Moleskine has landed back on these shores, up in glorious Scotland with primitivepeople


Wonder where it'll go next? And when?


Moleskine bookmark

So far, it's been to:

miss_next [UK], caitirin [US], elaby [US], kniblet [US], dibsy [US], freyjakj [US], oed1 [US], hellziggy [US], hellbob [US], _generica_ [UK], rob_the_tyke [UK], sloopjonb [UK], guest writer, not on original list!), redatt [UK], isihac [UK], dave_t_lurker [UK], mazzie [US], corivax [US], passaddhi [US], chebutykin.

It set off in April 2006. When will it return home?