January 26th, 2010



I'm in awe of people who can play a musical instrument. EB is learning to play the cornet, and he's getting pretty good. I can't get a note out of it.

I've long wanted to learn to play... something. At school I wanted to learn how to play the flute, but on the first day of school it was 'anyone who wants to play an instrument, over there, everyone else follow your form teacher', and me being me, I followed the form teacher with the firm intent to go find out about the music later.

That was in 1982. Hmm.

So. What instrument to choose? My friend P is learning to play the guitar, with great success. Didn't start until a couple of years ago, and his tutor says that he's the only student who actually practices between lessons. P says it's because he's actually paying for it himself.

Guitar? Nice, expensive. Ukelele then? K has put her foot firmly down on that one. Ukephobic, it would seem.

I need something small, inexpensive, and relatively easy to get a tune out of.

Tempted by the penny whistle from time to time - fits the criteria I reckon. Wonder how quietly you can play one? Practise time would have to be after kids in bed. Unless they decide to learn too. EB could teach me the notes...