December 29th, 2009


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So. Christmas, eh? All jolly good from our end, despite not getting up to Newcastle. Lots of nice things to eat, lovely presents and family all around.

Santa brought me the new Star Trek film, Moon and the Dollhouse boxset, as well as a book of The Wire and some muji pens. I love muji pens. PENS. Things you write with!

Seriously, you lot have filthy minds.


Then of course there was the Xbox, which EB has thoroughly enjoyed. Bro got me the new Call of Duty game, which is beautiful to look at and huge fun to play (when I get a chance). Tempted to pick up a wireless widget for it and XBox Live.

anyone out there got an Xbox?

So. Was santa good to you?

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We went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park the other day, and I noticed that they were going to run a course on Latte Art on 23rd January. Only a tenner!
If you love coffee why not become a Barista for the day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and create your own coffee blends to take home with leading industry expert and Managing Director of Coopers Coffee, David Cooper. Impress your friends with the technique of latte art with guidance from national barista trainer, Lisa Huntingdon.

I mentioned it to K, who sneakily pocketed a leaflet. Wonder what I'm getting for my birthday? :-)