October 19th, 2009


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I'm off to Basildon again on wednesday after work. I had a cunning plan to go via Bluewater in Kent to call in at Borders there, but it seems there isn't a Borders store anywhere near where I'll be.


Anyhoo, this week will be a week of driving -
Wednesday, to Basildon
Thursday, back from Basildon
Friday, up to Lockerbie
Saturday, Lockerbie to Shiel Bridge

Yes, dear friends. We're off to Scotland at the weekend, for a week. Quite a gang of us going too - myself, K and the Beans, K's sister, K's brother and his wife, their two boys, K's parents and their friends Hilary & Nigel.

Grand times. We're staying here:
Shiel Bridge, Highlands

And I've got my wide-angle lens this time. :-)

Now for the tricky bit. Which book(s) to take...