September 24th, 2009


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curses - playing with some MS stuff and realised that this machine is running XP Home rather than Pro, so it doesn't have IIS.


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I'm off to sunny Rotherham tomorrow morning for a job interview!

Very nervous.

All came about when a friend I met at the first Photocamp (and subsequently followed each other on twitter) noticed I was job-hunting. I got a DM on twitter, saying that his friend was FD of a company who might have something. My CV was duly sent off, passed around and today I got a couple of calls from the Ops Director (long story, short version is my blackberry is useless), the latest of which actually got through, saying they had a role coming up soon - six month contract, was I available to come in for a chat?


To see if it's the sort of thing I might be interested in?

So, I'm off to sunny Rotherham. It's all quite exciting really.

Now, do I go for M1 -> M18 (which involves going past Meadowhall at about 9am), or cut across to the A1(M) then down to the M18 that way? Both have their pros and cons...