September 8th, 2009



Tea, originally uploaded by dakegra.

sometimes you just need a nice hot cup of tea. Then you can get on with keeping calm and carrying on.

In other news, the camera on my crackberry seems an awful lot better once I cleaned the gunk off the lens. :-)


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the car has been making a lot of noise recently. I figured the exhaust was on the way out, but hoped it would last for a while longer.

Umm, no. Set off for work this morning having snuck out of the house leaving everyone asleep only to make it to the end of the road before hearing a pretty awful rattling noise. Stopped and checked, and yes, the exhaust was swinging free.

ok, not *entirely* free, but it certainly wasn't attached properly. Duly returned home (waking up K and EB in the process) and set off for the train instead.

Only to realise halfway to the station that I had no book with me.