September 2nd, 2009


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the inimitable Michael Marshall Smith's latest blog post is quite entertaining

How the Spaghetti Murders Started

in a slightly-related note, I opened a pack of Tesco ground coffee yesterday morning. No, really, I did. Life is just that exciting round here.

I noticed on the side of the packet a photograph of a large, friendly pile of the aforementioned coffee nestled artfully in a hessian sack, with a spoon sticking out of it. Under which was the text 'serving suggestion'

Now, call me an old traditionalist, but I would wager that 99.99% of coffee drinkers in the known universe would prefer their coffee served in a mug, having been steeped in hot (but not boiling) water first. And not, as Tesco would suggest, in a sack, hessian or otherwise.