April 19th, 2009


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Took my bike out for a spin tonight after we got back from swimming. I'd planned to do a quick loop into town and back out past Pugney's lake, but as I was coming down the road I spotted a pathway off to the side which I figured would get me to the lakeside instead, so I took that.

The lake looked fantastic in the late afternoon sun, and the swans were out with their young 'uns on the lake. Plenty of people out walking, and few on their bikes.

Coming through the wooded bit on the lake edge I cycled through what felt like a solid wall of midges - hopefully I was going fast enough not to end up *too* badly munched.

Then back up to home - the last mile is uphill, but the newly-fixed gears worked perfectly.

So, a short jaunt of just under six and a half miles. Felt absolutely fine, and has really given me the cycling bug back. Now wondering if I can persuade K (and _generica_) that it's time rob_the_tyke and I went on another boys' own adventure cycling trip.