April 18th, 2009



well, I fixed my bike. Picked up a new gear cable yesterday on the offchance it was that. Then spent a merry hour removing bits of bike, scrubbing vigorously with degreaser and reassembling them.

Gears now work, perfectly.

Total cost?


It reminded me how much I love tinkering with bikes. Looking forward to getting out on it too - it's been far too long since I last went cycling.

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my bro sent me a photo of the latest additions to their family.

Three little ducklings. They're very cute. He wondered if the Beans wanted to name them, as his suggestion (Bombay, Peking and Crispy) were frowned upon.


(LB went for Chloe and Sophie, then quickly changed her mind to Lucy and *not* Sophie). EB just shrugged and ran off to continue his game. He's getting so damn grown-up.

Oh! and we had a lie-in until twenty to ten this morning! LB woke up at half seven, crawled into bed between K and myself, and promptly went back to sleep. EB was up, doing things on the 'puter.