April 16th, 2009



K bought a copy of Emma Kennedy's The Tent, the Bucket and Me yesterday.

She nearly missed her station on the train on the way home last night as she was giggling so much. She then proceeded to giggle at various bits of it for much of the evening.

I take it therefore that it comes Highly Recommended.

I showed K the book after following @EmmaK67 on Twitter (she being the author of said book), and hearing it on Book of the Week on Radio 4. She's jolly funny.
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I've been spending some time away from home each evening this week, sloping off to be with a new friend.

This is Xabi, our friends' cat, who I've been looking after.

Xabi kitty on Twitpic

I think Xabi loves me. She keeps showing me her belly and getting me to scritch it.