April 15th, 2009


books, books and more books

Went for lunch with K again today. Twice in one week! The staff in Waterstone's will be thinking we're having an illicit affair or something.

K picked up a selection from their 3 for 2 offer, but I worked out that it would be cheaper for me to buy the books on Waterstones.com, get them delivered to the branch, and buy them that way. I'm after, in no particular order

The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighbourhood, by David Simon & Ed Burns
Matter, by Iain M Banks
Bad Things, by Michael Marshall

Though I'm listening to the audiobook of Matter, which is jolly good. Though the narrator, when doing the voice of Ferbin, sounds remarkably like David Mitchell of Peep Show fame, which is mildly distracting.

Also very tempted by the new Artemis Fowl book - I've listened to the audiobooks of the first three, I think. All read by Nathaniel Parker and all fabulous.
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ooh! forgot to say - I was with K when she bought her lunch, and instead of the 5p change, she got a lovely silver 1936 thrupenny bit.

That's just a photo I found on wikipedia.

Not worth much, but a lovely lovely thing.

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we need a new coffee machine at work, as our espresso machine is dying.

I think I've found our new machine


That's a thing of beauty. Think of the cost-saving! We could make two coffees at once!
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you know, email is a *far* better mechanism for getting a discussion going than twitter. LJ is pretty good too. I miss some of the interaction that I get here.

But then, I get it here. Which is why I have both LJ *and* twitter.

and email, obviously.

dakegra at gmail or yahoo. Take your pick. Stop by for a chat someday. :-)