April 6th, 2009


Writer's Block: Grab and Go

Scenario: For exactly 1 minute, you get access to all the databases of all the intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-5, etc). What do you want to find out before time is up and you're caught and jailed forever?

Me: How in the name of the sweet baby jeebus I ended up in this situation, followed closely by 'how do I get out of here?'

Monty: I'd like to look up Molly's phone number, as I lost my cellphone. And she can get me out of here. *grin*

Molly: I'd like to know how the CIA/FBI/KGB/MI5 etc managed to track me back through the three dozen anonymous network links I used to get into the master database. Half of which belong to them in the first place.

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I know this is massively unlikely and one of those million-to-one shots, but does anyone happen to have a copy of the End of Story thing I did for the BBC competition?

It was based on this, and was called (cunningly) tunnel.doc, downloaded from dakegra.com as was.

of course now dakegra.com has gone I no longer have the files...

this is the original entry:


Yet Another Update on the Moleskine Migration

Moleskine bookmark

The Migratory Moleskine has visited:
miss_next [UK], caitirin [US], elaby [US], kniblet [US], dibsy [US], freyjakj [US], oed1 [US], hellziggy [US], hellbob [US], _generica_ [UK], rob_the_tyke [UK], sloopjonb [UK], guest writer, not on original list!), redatt [UK], isihac [UK], dave_t_lurker [UK], mazzie [US], corivax [US], passaddhi [US]

and is currently with:
chebutykin, though it will soon be ready to move again.

I know that various of the infamous Minnesota Posse want to see it, but I'm going to ask that it moves on after Cheb has seen it. Time for it to head out of the USA for a while - that way, when it heads back into Minnesota, those who have seen it will get a chance to see it again!

So, Europe next? Or Down Under? Hmmm. *strokes chin*


You can still add your name to the list of who would like to see it next. If you would like to see the Moleskine at some point, leave a comment to this entry.

The list of people yet to receive it:

alicephilippa [UK], novawildstar [UK], gioiaverdi [NZ], pteppic [UK], bloodlossgirl [US],nextian [US], adrith [US], pickwick, roobarb [UK], perdita_x [UK], genevra [US], pendlemac [UK], tiggsybabes [UK], ayoub [UK], anonymous_greg [US], primitivepeople [UK], lexinatrix [US], alibee [US], magda_vogelsang [US], quaero_verum [US], erikaerin [US], maviscruet [UK]

You can track the Moleskine here:


of course, if any of you lot decide to launch a migratory Moleskine*, can I put my name on your list?


* other notebooks are available


dammit. Can't find that story I mentioned earlier. I know it was up on dakegra.com with the filename tunnel.doc, as I had a link to it from this journal, but the site is gone gone gone now.

feck. It was good, too.


Do it.