March 1st, 2009


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right, have purchased huge quantities of multi-purpose compost, john innes compost (who *is* this john innes bloke anyway?) and peat-free growbags, next job on the list is washing down the walls on the landing and stairs, ready for painting next weekend.

Erk. Need to clear bookshelves first.

*checks watch*

right, best get on.

tediously mundane post

bookshelves moved, pictures taken down, walls sugar soaped.

Still need to:

rinse walls
fill cracks
hoover through downstairs
sort washing
tidy up

clean guinea pigs cage out

K and the Beans get back at about ten past six. Time for a quick snack then onto my list.

[edit] posted this, went downstairs and was just pouring my coffee when K phoned. They're on an earlier train and get in about ten past five, not ten past six.

ARGH! Jobs!

*rushes off*

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one of the things which interested me yesterday was the use of off-camera flash. I think my next investment will be some kind of speedlight for the D50. Not sure what to look for though - suggestions?