February 26th, 2009


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Update on the Moleskine Migration

Moleskine bookmark

The Migratory Moleskine has visited:
miss_next [UK], caitirin [US], elaby [US], kniblet [US], dibsy [US], freyjakj [US], oed1 [US], hellziggy [US], hellbob [US], _generica_ [UK], rob_the_tyke [UK], sloopjonb [UK], guest writer, not on original list!), redatt [UK], isihac [UK], dave_t_lurker [UK], mazzie [US]

and is currently with:

I'm now redoing the list of who would like to see it next - the old list was, well, old. If you would like to see the Moleskine at some point, leave a comment to this entry.

When you get the Moleskine, you can ask for a local or international recipient to forward it to. Oh, and I'm kind of random with next recipients, so list order is no indication of when it might arrive. :-)

If no-one adds their name to the list I shall
a. cry, and
b. get the Moleskine back to see what's been written in it! Woo!

Seriously though, I'm in no hurry to get it back until it's full. Long may it travel!

new, shiny list:
alicephilippa [UK], novawildstar [UK], gioiaverdi [NZ], pteppic [UK], bloodlossgirl [US],nextian [US], passaddhi [US], adrith [US], pickwick, roobarb [UK], perdita_x [UK], genevra [US], pendlemac [UK], tiggsybabes [UK]

You can track the Moleskine here:

It's been travelling for a shade over three years now. I'm quite impressed that I still know where it is!

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gah, how annoying! I was watching the latest film from our lovefilm rental thing (In Bruges) and it kept sticking. Tried cleaning the disk, still stuck.

Threw DVDShrink at it, and it's ripped fine. At least I get to find out what happens! Bit annoying though, as I was sorting out the ironing whilst watching it, and now I have to wait until I've finished my jobs for the night.

Speaking of which, there's a bedful of freshly washed/ironed clothes which need putting away. Back in a bit.

movies of 2009

In Bruges

Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell play hitmen hiding out in Bruges after a job. It's funny, it's dark and foul-mouthed.

Definitely not one for the faint-hearted, and deserves it's 18 certificate. But damn, it's a good film.

I've not seen Colin Farrell act before. I've seen him in light fluff like SWAT, Miami Vice and Ballykissangel, but this put him in a new light for me. Brendan Gleeson is glorious as fellow Irish hitman Ken, Ralph Fiennes hams it up beautifully and Clémence Poésy is just beautiful.

I give it nine Irish hitmen out of ten.