February 23rd, 2009


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oh, I'm off to Borders/Waterstones at lunchtime to peruse photography books for my session at Photocamp.

I think I'm going to choose a selection of 'classic' photos, as well as some more modern portrait shots. I've seen a couple I really like on Rankin's website - close-ups of just the face, but try and get the same feel with your average Leeds Photocamper, rather than, say Ewan McGregor.

watch out, some of the photos on his site are a bit NSFW. Not that we'll be trying any of them...

I now need to work out how best to do this - first thought would be to scan/print the images onto A4 (saves me carting my huge copy of The Photo Book) into Leeds and let people choose. I suppose it all depends on how many people I get at the session - if it's just a couple, we may struggle with anything other than portrait stuff

Anyhoo, these are the kinds of things that have been suggested thus far:
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dragged myself out for a run tonight - first one since the first of february due to the snow, ice, more snow and doing stuff.

Quite impressed that I matched my previous best speed of 9:32 per mile, and it's the fastest I've run the short loop. Not too cold out there either.